SANLIAN is committed to building a reliable and decentralized business environment with transparent data, efficient collaboration and rapid transmission of value. We provide enterprise customers with informatization and digital solutions based on cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, IoT and big data.

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Founded in March 2017 and currently staffed with 21 employees, the Partners of SANLIAN are from global top 500 Accenture, well-known high-tech complex HuaWei and emerging financial technology companies. High-caliber team of SANLIAN boast profound project implementation experience of big data, IoT, clouding computing and blockchain, accumulating a large number of successful customer cases in industries such as energy, consuming products and news media, etc.

During the endeavoring process of business growth, we have met many cherished peers, customers with boldness to explore and practice, and enthusiastic partners. SANLIAN will, with their supports, continue driving digital transformation of enterprise supply chain so as to improve collaboration efficiency and business performance for accelerated growth of our customers. With a robust and secure business value chain and network, we will together offer better life to the community and customers.

Our vision is to build a reliable and decentralized business environment. SANLIAN Tech. Higher Performance. More Value and Better Life.



Founded in March, 2017


> 1,000,000,000 Data Records


100% Customer Satisfaction


FuRen Pharmaceuticals
Shanghai Zenith Pharmaceutical Technology Company
SanYuanXing Biology Technology Company
JinYi Group


Mr. Leon Liang is the Founding Partner and Chief Architect of SANLIAN. He once worked with Accenture as a Senior Consultant and enjoys over 8 years' experience in enterprise-level IT implementation and project management. He has led or participated in projects of IT architecture design, ERP implementation, systems integration and big data platform for clients of Forbes 500.

Mr. Tony Liu is the Partner and Technical Director of SANLIAN, in charge of Dapp, big data platforms and dev team management. He has served as the technical director in several domestic leading internet companies. With over 10 years' experience in Web and mobile application R&D, and IT team management, he has accomplished mobile application, data warehouse and digital marketing projects and solutions for well-known global brands such as MacDonald, Coca Cola, and P& G etc.

Ms. Christy Lin is the Partner and Operation Director of SANLIAN. Accumulating over 8 years' experience in management consulting, enterprise IT application research and finance management, before joining SANLIAN she worked as a consulting manager of the Resource Industry under Accenture. She has led or participated in projects of financial operation and management consulting, ERP implementation, system integration and big data platforms for clients of Forbes 500.

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